Snapshot of the Week: June 2, 2015

We kick it off with a do it yourself bonefish fishing trip to the Bahamas that Butch and his wife took this year.
Butch says this nice fish took his wife into her backing within seconds of hookin up. After a few blazing runs, she finally had it in hand making Butch one proud husband.

For their one year anniversary, Clint and his wife Kim decided to try their luck at Pineview for the elusive Tiger Muskie. An hour into their trip they landed this 36 inch muskie, their first ever. Then just when they were about to leave, Clint made that all important last cast and latched into what he thought was a snag. That snag started to move and turned out to be this 51 and a half inch monster. A fifteen minute battle on 8 pound test line, an anniversary Clint and Kim will never forget.

Check out this 25 inch cutt that Eric and his son ty latched into while fishing at the berry. The boys were trolling a reaction strike XRM in rainbow pattern when the big fish hit. 8 year old ty was finally able to wrestle the big fish aboard and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about their big catch.

Here’s another toothy critter that Dave caught while fishing with Targhee Boss of Utah Stillwaters. Dave was chucking an articulated trout slider that his buddy Cheech had tied up when this 41 inch pike put a huge bend in his 7 weight rod. Dave says, the big female was full of eggs and he put her back to fight another day.

But our winner tonight took the kids fishing and found more than one rainbow at the end of this rainbow. Rob says the kids had a blast catching 20 plus inch rainbows at Otter Creek. They endured a snowstorm and spotted this brilliant rainbow at the end of their weekend. A pretty shot Rob, and the next you take the kids to Otter Creek, you’ll have our big prize to help you cook up them tasty rainbows, as you guys just hauled in our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef Pro 60, deluxe two burner stove. Perfect for the outdoors or the back yard, from our friends at Camp Chef.

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