Snapshot of the Week: Nov. 21, 2015

Rochelle starts us off with a nice Bear Lake mack. Rochelle Davis finally got to get out on the lake with the boys a few weekends ago and it didn’t disappoint as she ended up catching this nice lake trout. The laker is bigger than any her husband, who has fished this lake for years has ever caught.

Randy’s 19 year old, available daughter Whitney…his words, Whitney not mine! ..shot this three point buck down hear Koosharem on the opening morning of the Utah rifle hunt. Whitney made a great freehand shot to claim her second buck ever and it’s a bigger buck than most of the ones her dad Randy has ever shot.

Check out this big cutthroat that Whitney caught on a small undisclosed Utah stream. Whitney says this is her biggest fish to date on a fly rod. She caught this on her four and a half foot, three weight on a size 18 rainbow warrior.

Fourteen year old Kangie was excited when her dad showed her the video of this buck a few days before the rifle hunt started and stated “Yeah, I’ll shoot him!” Opening morning and right on cue, five bucks, including Kangie’s buck feed out and Kangie made a perfect 290 yard shot to bag her second and largest deer to date. Dad says it was one of the most perfect hunts..ever.

Hayden could not wait for his dad to come in from the marsh to go jump shoot a duck he found on the pond. After the long wait, the sneaking, and dad shooting Hayden yelled “you got’em dad!” Camille is sure that her husbands passion has rubbed off, as Hayden is no doubt a next generation waterfowl hunter.

But our winner tonight had one unusual trick or treater. Four year old Morgan Stewart got all dressed up for Halloween this year. Went to his grandpa’s house and quickly made friends with the locals. Check out this nice buck that came to get his treat, a tasty apple. Dad, Mitch says this is a Halloween his family will always remember as the time Morgan made friends with another trick or treater. And here’s something else to put in Morgan’s Halloween bag, our big prize for having just won…the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins the new, just released Camp Chef Stryker backpacking stove.

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