Snapshot of the Week: Nov. 14, 2015

We kick it off with a largest subspecies of the cutthroat trout. The infamous Pilot Peak Lahontan of Pyramid Lake. Back in early October JP, his mom and stepdad went out to this Nevada lake, JP was jigging on the bottom when this ten pound cutthroat hit. JP says it took him ten minutes to wrestle the big fish to his pontoon. A few quick snapshots and the beast was released to fight another day.

After being diagnosed with terminal leukemia, Dick Bess’ family decided to cash in their dads 19 points and go and hunt bull elk. When the successful letter came in the mail, excitement was an understatement for this family. The hunt wasn’t an easy one as Dick had a hard time hiking and had his heart set on a 350 bull or better. Finally after passing several 330 class bulls, this bull answered the call and Dick made the shot. The big bull surpassed even Dicks expectations, stretching the tape to 364 and 6/8ths. Dick’s hunt is a great memory that will last him and his family, the rest of their lives.

Steve’s grand daughter Rylee has done something most seasoned hunters have never done, bagged a bull on an open general bull tag. Grandpa says he loves the opportunites the DWR has for youth in our state. Opportunities that lead to plenty of smiles on the mountain that day.

How many kids get to go on their first goose hunt, in Canada and bag their first goose which happens to be a banded Speckled Belly? Hunter Loftus that’s who. Hunter’s goose was banded in Alaska on July 21st, 1995, which just happens tp be Hunter’s birthday. A hunt and goose that was meant to be.

But our winner tonight finished hunters safety just in time for the youth pheasant opener. Ten year old Gage was hunting behind his trusted Brittany, Babe and old babe got up about a dozen birds. Gage went through about a box and a half of shells and was getting a bit frustrated but finally dropped his first bird. Dad Mike who took these great shots, say he thinks he has a hunter for life. Great job Gage, wing shooting isn’t easy, but you’ll get better. Congrats on the bird and our big prize guys as you two just won…our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins the new, just released Camp Chef Stryker backpacking stove.

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