Snapshot of the Week: Oct. 25, 2014

Zane wasn’t about to give up after getting skunked on this year’s youth hunt. It paid off with his first duck. Zane is addicted, and can’t wait to go again.

This kids are all smiles because they all could enjoy a morning hunt, banging on their calls, making noise, and bagging some greenheads and a goose.

Parker says once the shooting starter on the opening day of the hunter, it was like fireworks in the sky. This photo is one of his treasures amongst outdoor memories.

Tonight’s winner got skunked — literally. Andy was out with family and friends on the hunt, and his son Hunter was able to bag this dandy bird. His two hounds werne’t so lucky, as both got sprayed by two different skunks in two different fields miles apart. Andy got a laugh as he watched his kids running from the skunks, gagging and dry heaving.

Congratulations, Andy, for winning this week’s Snapshot of the Week.

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