Snapshot of the Week: Nov. 8, 2014

Here are the best of the week in our Snapshot of the Week.

10-year-old Nathan had a great outing with his dad on Bear Lake. Nathan got this beast within 15 minutes of their trip. Dad says tour guide Travis was great to teach his son, but now he better watch out as he has another fisherman to compete with.

Ryan and his wife went to Belize for vacation and some great fishing. They can’t wait to go back.

Back in September, Roger and his newlywed wife decided to make their honeymoon fishing in Alaska. His new bride landed one of the best — and here’s to many more days fishing together.

Our winner tonight caught a bear bathing in a tub. Davis and his son-in-law Michael set up a camera on a stock, and they caught four different bears coming toward their water. David says they call it “the hot tubbing bear.” We haven’t seen it, either; what a great shot.

Click the video for the rest of this week’s Snapshot of the Week.

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