Snapshot of the Week: Sept. 19, 2015

Dan shows you don’t have to go to Alaska to catch big salmon. Dan and his 20 month old son Ike went fishing at the berry just before dark. Little Ike fell asleep in the car, so Dan set their rods up with PowerBait and went back to check on Ike who was dreaming of big fish. Dan returned, only to find one of their rods submerged 15 feet out from shore. He took off his shoes, grabbed the rod and low and behold saw the red silvery shine in the moonlight of this beautiful kokanee salmon Dan couldn’t believe his eyes! As he had caught this amazing koke from shore on garlic PowerBait.

Jacob didn’t draw an archery tag this year, but that didn’t stop him from helping his younger brother Tanner track and find his spike on the opening morning of the hunt. That evening his other brother Kaden shot this nice two point. Jacob says watching his younger brothers experience the thrill of hunting made his proud as creating these memories as a family is what the hunt is all about.

Roxanne has one heck of a fishing tale. She was up fishing for King salmon near Port Hardy, a small town on the north-east coast of Vancouver island when she latched into her biggest king of the season. What a rush!

Sally took some newbies on a backpacking trip to Jewel Lake in the High Unitahs. They only had to share the lake with one other camper. Sally says, between the great scenery and the full moon that night lit up their camp, their trip was spectacular.

But our winner tonight went to Yellowstone and came back with some amazing photos. Whitney, her husband and her brother in law saw some amazing animals. From big bucks, baby bighorns, black bears including this black bear cub eating berries and playing peek a boo. This amazing shot, Whitneys’ brother in law actually took of this wolf sneaking in on a grizzly kill. Well whitney those are some amazing shot, and you might have to share our prize with your brother in law as you have just won…our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins the new, just released Camp Chef Stryker backpacking stove.

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