Snapshot of the Week: Sept. 12, 2015

We kick it off, back in Juneau with nine year old Waylon Woods. This is Waylon’s first of three salmon he caught on a family trip to Alaska. Waylon provided family dinner in Juneau, then brought the rest of his fillets back to Beryl Utah to share, with family back home.

Shay and his son Talon have been scouting for deer and found this cool buck, that dad nick named Straight Tine. In the same area, they spotted this small two point, and Talon wanted to name a buck of his own. So he called this young buck, “rocket”

Every year Todd gets the opportunity to go fish Alaska with his dad. They catch lots of big rainbows, salmon and even grayling. But this year, on the second day of their trip, Todd threw his line into a deep hole and latched into this beautiful, 26 inch Dolly Varden, the biggest he’s ever caught.

An Dinh started fly fishing three years ago and admits, it was pretty rough at first. But then his wife got him a Tenkara rod for Christmas and now he fishes Tenkara 90% of the time and says fishing is so much better. He’s made some great friends inlcluding Eiji Yamakawa who took him to the high mountains of Japan to fish where he caught the grand slam of Japanese trout.

But our winner tonight took his bride to Alaska, and got schooled by her almost every day! Tyler and Jill went on a multi day, multi species Alaskan fishing adventure and the couple had a blast. They saw brown bears, caught yelloweye, witnessed an amazing sunrise over Homer and Jill out fished her husband nearly everyday. From tasty salmon to this giant rainbow trout that weighed in at over five pounds, Jill was on fire. Tyler says the fishing and the beauty was down right fantastic. Well Tyler, not only did your wife kick some butt, but she’s also bringing home our big prize as you two just won…our snapshot of the week.

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