Snapshot of the Week: Sept. 5, 2015

We kick it off with a kid on top of the world…Ok, on top of Utah. Nine year old Lindsay and her dad made the summit of Kings peak back in August. They had a great three day backpacking trip and dad Thomas says Lindsay was one tough hiker the entire way.

Steve Shane and Michelle were down at Joe’s Valley trying to catch the fish of a thousand casts when just as dusk was approaching, the big one hit. The musky torpedoed out of the water, as Steve did his best to reel it in, and Shane got the net. Michelle says, this picture is proof of one exciting evening.

Here’s a rare sight. Dave was on a four wheeler ride with his daughter Kamryn down in Kolob Canyon when they spotted two mating pair of tagged California condors. The cool looking male conder perch in a tree, just long enough for Dave and Kamryn to get this cool shot.

Austin’s Pine Valley antelope hunt started off on the wrong foot, when he bow blew up on the opening morning. So, Austin called his cousin Bryson, who let him borrow his bow and Austin was able to bag this great buck on the second weekend of the hunt. Austin says, hes learned theres a reason for every thing and to not let something ruin the hunt and that patience pays off.

but our winner tonight punched his tag on a solo Utah High country mule deer hunt. Heath scouted hard and found this six by five buck and another that was even bigger. Opening morning Heath made a play and was able to harvest this great 180 inch class buck. Heath says even though this was his second choice buck, he just couldn’t pass him up on a general season unit. That is one heck of deer Heath, a great shot to boot considering you had to take it by yourself. Congratulations are in order for the buck and now our big prize as Heath you just won, our snapshot of the week.

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