Snapshot of the Week: Sept. 20, 2014

There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing bears or whales in the outdoors.

When you see one of them, take a few pictures and submit them to our Snapshot contest.

Jake has been out scouting for his archery deering tag, and he found a nice elk that has us impressed.

If you go to the gorges this summer, it’s a good chance you’ll run into the Reid family. Check out this 20-pound fish Morgan hauled in.

Hal Gardner was at the bird refuse, checking out the wildlife, when he found some birds not adhering to the rules.

While driving through Huntsville, Troy came across something you don’t see every day: a white-tailed deer. He said you never know what you might see, so take along a camera.

Our winner, Landon Lang, had the fish gods shining down upon him. Landon, his dad and sister made a quick hike in search of some colorful cutthroat. Here’s a great shot by his sister of Landon making a cast just as the clouds parted.

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