Snapshot of the Week: Sept. 27, 2014

With grouse season upon us, Nacia decided to hit the mountains for the opener and hunt the Uintah National Forest and check out her success. After just a few hours they had bagged four tasty birds. The grouse season runs through the end of the year, time to get the dog out.

Chase has made our contest three straight years, now he makes it four with this dandy bull he bagged on the archery hunt!. With dad calling and his twin brother Chad nearby, Chase watched this monster bull close in from 800 yards to just 25. Chase made a perfect shot and the 340 class bull only went 25 yards before hitting the dirt. A true trophy, especially considering Chase bagged this bull in an open bull unit.

Greg, his wife and their son were out on this years archery deer hunt when they came upon a bunch of dirt flying out of the grass. As they got closer they found themselves face to face with a badger digging a den. They were able to get pretty close, a little closer than Greg’s wife wanted, but came away with these great shots and a memory they’ll never forget.

Jeff had one wild nighttime gator hunt on the Gulf of Mexico. He says he had sharks, sting rays and gators up close and personal and all he had was a spear. He says it was nothing like a good old Utah mule deer hunt, but by his smile, he looks like he had a great time.

But our winner tonight caught a bird in silhouette with the help of the moon. Ron and his wife were driving just outside Grand Tetons National park when they passed a large bird in a tree. Ron realized he might be able to get a picture with the moon in the background. So he climbed down a hill and up into a small tree and with his camera raised above his head he took and chance and snapped away. Only when he got back to his car did he realize how great the shot turned out of this great blue heron and the moon. Well Ron our judges agreed, as you now have something to take with you the next time you head to Wyoming, our great prize, for having just won, the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins the lightweight and portable Camp Chef Weekender-two burner stove. Plenty of power, great for camping from our friends over at Camp Chef.

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