Uinta Snowmobiling

<(Adam) Welcome to KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle. You know Old Man winter has finally arrived, especially here in the back country, tonight we hope to show you a family adventure that starts at 8K feet.">

<(Roger Eggett, Owner, Bear River Lodge) "We finally got snow in Jan, it showed up and has been here ever since. We have a lot of great snow. >

Our snowmobile ride kicks off at the Bear River Lodge, 30 miles south of Evanston Wyoming.

<(Paul Knopf, Evanston Wyoming City Planner) "it's a hub for adventure, all points, N,S,E,W. It's a bay station for recreational opportunities, makes it really easy and convenient to access the forest and other recreational opportunities in SW Wyoming.">

<(Adam) "don't kill yourself, don't wreck it." (brian) "well I can't make no promises, i'm going to have a good time.">

My hunting buddy Brian, Outdoors Producer Rick and his wife Kendra are all novice snowmobilers. This is going to be if anything…entertaining.

<(Roger to Kendra) "what we tell guests is never leave your snowmobile. Cause we are coming to get our snowmobile, if you are with it, we bring you back. (kendra) thanks! (roger) we are not coming for you, we are coming for the machine. (kendra) "got it.">

<(Roger) There are hundreds of miles of groomed trails. So most of the riding we are going to do today, we are mostly going to stay on trails.>

<(Adam) "you are not even off the road hardly! (bryan) "I know.">

<(Roger Eggett) "We are going to leave the road and go across Elizabeth ridge. So we are at the highest point here on the North Slope road. At 10,235 feet. yeah we are going to do boon docking here from here on out. We are going to go right along this ridge line and drop down into Millcreek basin and take millcreek back out. (Adam) we going to get stuck? (roger) I hope not. But we might. (Adam) somebody already got stuck we won't say who. (roger) you got stuck, we've been on the road!>

<(Roger) be careful, some places we come to are pretty steep off to your left. If you error, error to the right. we don't want our snowmobile going off the hill.>

<(Bryan stuck) (adam) "why is it always you? (brian) "well.">

<(Paul Knopf, Evanston City planner) always the rookie that gets stuck. (adam) I'm just glad it's not us. (paul) Me to.">

<(Brian) It's a lot of work getting unstuck. (adam) Yeah look at those guys. (bryan) I didn't do nothing. (roger) Ok Bryan, wait here, we'll come back.>

<(Roger) "that's the Blacks Fork Drainage. The west fork of the Blacks fork. it's stunning we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.>

The Bear River Lodge borders the 1.2 million acre Wasatch – Cache National Forest, giving riders access to over 400 miles of trails throughout Utah’s most scenic mountains.

<(Roger) "why don't I take a couple of you down first and make sure we can get it.">

<(Roger) "it's a little steep.">

Roger hasn’t taken this route in years, the climb down into millcreek is really steep.

<(Adam) "so we decided to take Kendra on a little adventure, we'll see how she did.">

<(Kendra) "I crashed into rick.!">

<(Kendra Olivares, First time snowmobiler) Oh I thought I was going to die. (adam) Oh come on. (kendra) No really, that was the scariest thing i've ever done in my life. (adam) No it wasn't that was an adventure right there. (kendra) no, I may have a heart attack.>

The road out is an old logging road. And right in the middle of the road, you guess it, two large logs blocking our way.

<(roger) "I got it.">

A little muscle

A little sweat and we are passed the logs.

<(Roger) well remember I said if everything went well, it didn't go exactly perfectly, but...(adam) time for lunch.>

<(Adam Tag) this is part of the adventure coming up into the Unita's, you never know what's going to happen. Luckily, we have a lot of people, prepared and if we needed to we could get back out of here. Sure makes it fun to come up and enjoy the beautiful unita. Coming up on KSL Outdoors, we'll show you some opportunities up here for the entire family. That story in a moment, but first tonights quiz question.>

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