Ice Fishing Party

Our ice fishing party actually kicked off, in an airport hanger in Woods Cross with the United Wildlife Cooperative.

<(Kris Marble) We contacted the boys and girls club of Salt Lake and they loved the idea and they're bringing out 41 kids to get them out on the ice and get them fishing.">

United Wildlife Cooperative, is a non-profit organization that enlisted about 20 volunteers to help the kids. UWC thought our ice fishing party would be a good fit to introduce them to the love of the outdoors, we couldn’t of agreed more.

<(Kris Marble, United Wildlife Cooperative) The amount of people that have reached out to us and offered help has been awesome. Lot of donations, both in the way of clothing, hats, boots, even some cash to help these kids.">

<(Ty Boulter, President, UWC) It really stands to be a big deal and we're really excited to see this happen.">

A beautiful, warm day, greeted the over four hundred anglers that showed up for the party, some were first time ice fishermen, others were old friends.

The guys from Fish Tech Outfitters, Big Fish Tackle and the Utah Wildlife Network were on hand giving away some of their trade secrets to catching fish with their fishing seminars.

Utah State Parks gave an informational ice safety demonstration.

<(Joe Donnell, Rockport State Park Manager) How about river ice, when is that safe.">

They showed the crowed what to do, what to have if you find yourself needing to rescue yourself or a buddy, if you fall through the ice.

The fishing was a bit slow, a few were caught, but by the looks on the kids faces, there’s no doubt… our first attempt brought out many smiles.

A big thanks to everyone that helped make this a memorable event for everyone. Curtis, Dale, Glen, your insight was a great help. My wife and others who cooked up over 400 hot dogs and of course our sponsors.

who made sure everyone had a chance to walk away with a prize.

<(adam) "do you have one? "no" (adam) "well you have one now." "Thanks">

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