Utah Field Guide – Bald Eagle

Apart from being the symbol of this great nation, the bald eagle is a symbol of the entire continent because it’s endemic to north america…these great birds can be found from alaska and northern canada all the way down to the gulf of mexico.

Once seen frequently in the americas, the bald eagle populations began to decline as human populations expanded, eventually causing the bird to be added to the “endangered species” list in the 1970’s. Today the eagle population has greatly improved and in 2008 the us fish and wildlife service removed the great bird entirely from the endangered species list.

Utah is home to one of the largest populations of wintering bald eagles. More than 1200 have been counted in utah in recent years. While fish is the main staple of the bald eagle, wintering eagles tend to be more opportunistic feeders, jackrabbits and dead mule deer provide most of the food for eagles in utah. On february 11th, the dwr will hold their annual bald eagle day at five locations across the state. A chance for you to view this iconic bird up close. For more information visit our ksl outdoors calander page at ksltv.com

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