Utah Field Guide – Whirling Disease

Drew Cushing, from Sports Fish Coordinator for the Division of Wildlife
Resources in Utah. As many may or may not know, Whirling Disease was
discovered in Strawberry Reservoir this last week. Found it a couple of years
ago in the west fork of the Duchesne and there is a connection between there
and Strawberry Reservoir so it’s no surprise.

The good thing is the Division of Wildlife, over the past several years, has
been managing Strawberry Reservoir to prepare it for this. We’ve managed it
with bigger fish we’ve also been using a whirling disease resistant strain of
rainbow trout in there so the effects of whirling disease shouldn’t be seen in
the fish that people eat. They’re safe to catch, they’re safe to eat.

We’d like people to think of whirling disease as an AIS (Aquatic Invasive
Species). And as such, when you get done from one body of water fishing;
clean, drain and dry your boat before you go to the next water. It will reduce
the possibility that we have the spread of disease and other unwanted
organisms from one body of water to the next.

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