Utah Field Guide – Chukars

A potential prey of a Raptor is the Chukar Partridge. Native of southern
Eurasia it was first introduced to Utah in 1951. By 1968, nearly two hundred
thousand Chukars had been released on public land in various parts of the
state giving hunters plenty of opportunity to harvest this popular upland bird.

The Chukar is a small chicken-like bird distinguished by it’s pale-colored, but
boldly patterned feathers and it’s red feet, legs and bill. Chukars prefers arid-
rocky hillsides, mountain slopes and canyon walls. They build their nests on
the ground.

Usually concealed by low-growing shrubs or grass. Chukars are fast flyers
and even faster runners. For more information on the chukker or any other
critter found in utah, check out the dwr conservation data center at

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