Utah Field Guide: Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Estimated to be ten to fifteen thousand years old, the Corral Pink Sand Dunes just a few miles North of Kanab, offer a paradise for those who love to ride off road.

(Dean Anderson, Asst. Park Manager, Corral Pink Sand Dunes State Park) It’s the highest dune field on the Colorado Plateau. I’ve seen several of the other dunes areas in the west and I think we are the prettiest one around.

(Dean Anderson) Back in the Jurassic this whole area was a big Sierra size desert. And it hardened into this Navajo sandstone, that Zion and the cliffs around here are made of. Now it’s eroding back off and off to the South of us here there is a gap in the mountains, when the wind blows through that gap, it picks up enough speed to carry the sand airborne and then out here where it widens out is slows down and deposits the sand.

They’re are 22 campsites available with water, hot showers and rest rooms. It is also home to a beetle found no where else in the world called the Corral Pink Sand Dunes Tiger Beetle.

(Dean Anderson) it’s considered to have one of the smallest ranges of insects in this country and possibility the world. Most of the population lives in an area smaller than Central Park in New York.

So the next time you head to Lake Powell, bring your atv or better yet, rent one from the concessionaire on site. Your family is sure to have fun on this sea of red sand.

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