Utah Field Guide: Deadhorse Point State Park

Located just outside of Moab, near Canyonlands and Arches is no doubt one of the best overlooks in the state, Deadhorse Point State Park.

(Molly Blackwelder, Deadhorse State Park Manager) “We’ve got this killer view of the Colorado River as it makes this big goose neck bend down below. And it’s about two thousand feet down below our view point.” (adam) “How did it get it’s name?”
(molly) “It got it’s name based on a legend that ranchers used to round up horses on the mesa top and bring them to dead horse point to trap them, pick the horses that they wanted and horses that they didn’t want they’d leave and for some reason we believe horses may have been left behind to die of exposure.”

Last year just over two hundred thousand visitors came to the park. Molly say, almost 90% were from out of state or country. Many Utahans need to discover what lies in their own backyards.

(molly) When they visit the park they can sight see, take in some of the breath taking views. They can visit our visitor’s center, we have an art gallery downstairs, a museum upstairs and a nice gift shop. 17:11 and we have a coffee shop to, a private concessionaire that operates a coffee shop.”

(Molly) and also you can hike our hiking trails, we have about 8 miles of hiking trails with stellar views the whole time and we have about 9 miles of mountain bike trails as well. Single track mountain biking for beginners and families.

(Molly) we have 21 sites in our campground, we have electrical hookups, flush toilets, just no showers and we also have a group site as well that is super scenic and right on the bike trail.

(Molly) spring and fall are the best weather to visit the park and it’s also the busiest time. So if you want to have some desert solitude, come on out in the winter months.

For reservations or information on Deadhorse State Park or any of the 43 state parks in Utah, check out their webpage at stateparks.utah.gov.

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