Utah Field Guide: North Wash Slot Canyons

In the Shadow of the Henry Mountains lies a series of slot canyons with Irish names.

(jared) It’s going to be a little bit of squeezing.

Blarney, Lucky Charms and Leprechaun Canyons are all within North Wash, located 30 miles south of the town of Hanksville on Highway 95. These tight slot canyons are great for canyoneering, but it’s best to hire a guide or have experience before you enter.

(Jared Hillhouse, Northwash Outfitters) We get a lot of incidencies with people coming into these canyons that just don’t have the experience or understanding of what they are getting themselves into. The physical effort that it takes to get through. As you guys have seen it’s not just a walk through a narrow slot, there is some work to do.

Leprechaun Canyon has become the iconic North Wash Canyon destination. This is a physical canyon requiring constant downclimbing, squeezing, stemming and chimneying. Leprechaun Canyon requires complete technical gear, basic rock climbing skills and sticky shoes to safely navigate.

Leprechaun canyon made it’s television debut, after it was used for shooting some of the scenes for the movie “127 Hours.” For more information or to perhaps book a trip with a certified Canyoneering Guide. Check out Northwashoutfitters.com

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