Utah Field Guide: Free Outdoor Events

For tonights Utah Field guide we wanted to tell you about some free events coming up you can take advantage of this June. The first is June 7th
when the DWR holds it’s free fishing day statewide. Everyone in Utah can fish for free June 7th, but remember all of the state’s other fishing laws still apply. This would make a perfect opportunity to head up to Strawberry Reservoir to try and catch one of the 300 tagged rainbow trout in our free fishing contest. So far 21 tags have been caught.

The second is OUTDOOR ADVENTURE DAYS sponsored by the the Mule Deer Foundation. This thrill filled event will be held Friday June 13th and 14th at the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range. The goal is to get outside, get dirty, shoot some guns and maybe learn a few things about this great state of ours. There will also be ATV trail rides, live birds of prey and an array of shooting opportunities. The best parts, it’s free. For more information, log onto the DWR’s calendar page at wildlife.utah.gov

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