Utah Field Guide: Otter Creek State Park

Otter Creek State Park, located just north of Antimony in Southern Utah, is a
small reservoir that draws anglers from all over Utah, even Las Vegas and
California, for its great scenery and some of the best trout fishing in the state.

(Lance Eliason, Otter Creek State Park Ranger) “It’s got a good draw. The
fishing is great here. Trout fishing is unbeatable.”

(lance) “It’s well known for the rainbow fishing.”

(Lance) “I remember personally catching the best rainbow I ever caught out
of here at 6-and-a-half pounds right off our beach in the park.”

(lance) “We’ve done a lot of upgrades, built new bathrooms with five showers
in each bathroom, we have a beautiful pavilion people can rent. We
accommodate anything from tents to huge Rvs.”

Otter Creek is also a popular spot for ATV riders because of quick access to
the Paiute Trail. And if the fish aren’t biting, there’s plenty of other fun
activities to keep you entertained.

(lance) “Boat rentals, mountain bike rentals, canoe rentals, so just all new
things for people to do and enjoy while they’re here at the park.”

For reservations or information on Otter Creek State Park or any of the 43
state parks in Utah, check out their webpage at stateparks.utah.gov.

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