Utah Field Guide: Freemont Indian State Park

A great stop along the Piute ATV trail system is the Freemont Indian state park and museum. Located just off I-70 at exit 17, Freemont Indian state park was once home to the largest community of the Fremont indian culture.

(Don Merritt, Museum Curator, Freemont Indian State Park) We have three thousand pictograph and rock are sites here in the state park and five thousand in the canyon surrounding the park so there is quite a bit to see. We have about fifteen miles of different hiking and walking trails.

and we also have a reconstructed pit house and granary here at the park.

(Jon Carter) it’s much like throwing a javelin.

We also have an atl atl range and you can feel free to experience how the Freemont indians used to hunt with the atl atl and spears.

The museum has artifacts on display from the five finger ridge Freemont Indian village that was discovered during the construction of I-70 in the 1980’s.

They actually excavated it for two years and pulled about 600,000 artifacts out of there and they are all housed right here at Freemont Indian State Park at the museum and our vault.

The park is open 363 days out of the year and also has two campgrounds available to use while you are on your ride. For more information, visit their website at stateparks.utah.gov.

We’ve got the Copper Belt Peak behind us, 11,383 feet, great terrain for some goats, great terrain for some. Hey will you get out of my shot! Chad Booth is lost up here. Great weather up here isn’t it? I’m volunteering for search and rescue they said there was some guy named Adam up here. I was lost. Yeah, hey great weather up here for fishing, for hunting. What’s your next outdoor adventure look like weather wise? Let’s find out by turning it over to the guys and gals in the weather department.>

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