Utah Field Guide: Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

The Great Salt Lake is recognized regionally, nationally, and around the world for its extensive wetlands and its tremendous and often unparalleled values to migratory birds.

Over 7.5 million birds, representing over 250 species utilize the lake for breeding, staging and in some cases as a wintering destination.

Millions of these migratory birds visit the Great Salt Lake every spring and now so can you. The 17th annual Great Salt Lake Bird festival will kick off May 14th and run through May 19th. The festival offers amazing wildlife viewing, workshops, art contests and field trips with some of the best local birding experts around. They’ll take you many places the general public cannot go.

Registration for those field trips opened today. It’s a great event for the entire family. So log on and check out the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival website at greatsaltlakebirdfest.com.

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