Utah Field Guide: Least Chub

It may not have a flattering name, and it’s native habitat may be shrinking, but this small minnow like fish is an important part of the web of life in Utah.

(darwin) this is going to be our most shallow area right here.

But that didn’t stop Darwin Bundy and his quest to help out the Least Chub, a tiny fish that only grows to about two and a half inches long.

(Darwin Bundy, Utah County Landowner) It’s a native species, it belongs here, it used to be here, it needs to be here again and yeah it’s just another piece to the puzzle.

Darwin has spent countless hours restoring the habitat on his land. He did such a good job that biologists released thousands of “least chub” into two of his ponds on his Utah County Property. The “least chub” is a tiny fish native to Western Utah. It is on Utah’s Sensitive Species List and is also a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act. Much of the least chub’s decline can be attributed to the introductions of non-native fishes. Fortunately, efforts like Darwin’s are now underway to expand the numbers and distribution of the least chub. His ponds are a constant 55 degrees, perfect habitat for this species.

(Darwin) The water is pristine, so it’s perfect for these fish.

For more information on the least chub or any other fish, fowl or beast, check out our Utah Field Guide on our outdoors page at KSLTV.com

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