Utah Field Guide: New program helps bond young hunters and their parents

A new program that should build bonds and memories between young hunters and their parents, stepparents, grandparents and legal guardians will start in Utah in 2014.

On December 5th, The Utah Wildlife Board approved a new rule that will allow youth 17 years old or younger, who don’t have their own big game hunting permit, to use an adult mentor’s permit to take a big game animal in Utah starting next year.

The Hunter Mentoring program allows a non-licensed youth hunter to accompany their guardian into the field. Once an animal is found, the youth can take the animal and then tag it with the mentor’s tag.

As soon as an animal is taken, the hunting season will be over for both the mentor and the young hunter. For more information on the new mentoring program, check out the DWR’s website at wildlife.utah.gov.

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