Utah Field Guide: Mule deer rut

November is the perfect time for wildlife watchers and photographers alike to get close to big mule deer bucks who are deep in the passion of the rut.. The “rut” or mating season usually reaches it’s peak in November. Some hunters believe the rut peaks around Thanksgiving. However, the length of daylight is usually considered to be the primary factor determining the breeding season at a given latitude. Nutrition and weather patterns also influence the duration and peak of the rut.
During the rut, most bucks spend their energy breeding and fighting other males and are not as concerned with their safety. Making them vulerable to those wishing to take their picture. They also become volunerable to poachers. So if you are out, take note of your surroundings and report any suspicious behavior.

Some great places to look for big bucks this time of year are: Antelope Island, where some of the biggest bucks in the state reside. The Henry mountains, the Pausagaunt and the Book Cliffs are also popular spots. But anywhere you find does, you’ll find bucks. Don’t forget to take your binoculars, or a good spotting scope to get a closer view. For more information on bucks, bulls or anything regarding wildlife in Utah, be sure to check out our Utah Field Guide on our outdoors page at KSLTV.com.

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