Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 02/18/2012

We kick it off with a rare fish for a young man. Nine year old Gage and his dad were up hunting near the Middlefork of the salmon river in Idaho when they decided to wet a line. Gage ended up hauling in this beautiful, elusive and protected bull trout. Bull trout are designated as a threatened species and so this makes Gage’s catch pretty unique.

After 14 years of waiting, Marty Ellis finally drew his Limited Entry Rifle Elk tag for the Wasatch Mountains Unit. On day three of the hunt, he harvested this beautiful 6 x 6 bull and had his girlfriend, cousin, and even his Dad and Mom there with him to watch him do it.

This is 8 year old Ashton’s first hunt with his grandpa Terry last fall. Grandpa Terry and Ashton were able to bag this nice 30 inch wide 4 by 5 during last years buck-bull combo hunt. Ashton’s dad and uncle also connected on a couple of bucks and an elk. A fine finish to the season on the north slope of the Uinta mountains for the Carlson clan.

During the Christmas break, the Poppleton family was able to enlist a new generation of hunters. In just three days Olivia, Easton, Shaylee, and Kaleb passed their hunters safety and capped it off a few days later with a Jackrabbit hunt in western utah. All kids were safe and even taught dad and Grandpa a thing or two. Every one was able to harvest a jack and from all the smiles, it looks like this generation is off to a good start.

Devin has captured some great pictures this year. Check out the pair of bald Eagles he found perch in a snag near his hometown of Beaver this winter. Earlier in the year Devin found this nice buck munching on some apples in a grove.

But our winner tonight is an encounter Bret hopes to never have again! While pheasant hunting in Northern Utah, Bret and his 2 year old setter tic were having a blast bustin birds when all of a sudden a mountain lion broke from the brush with Tic right behind. Bret says the lion was headed right for him, less that 15 yards away but luckily, at the last moment, the lion veered off and ran up a tree. Tic seemingly proud and satisfied with his accomplishment just trotted up to bret, paying no attention to the now treed Cougar 8 feet above them. Bret was freaked out at the encounter, but calmed down long enough to grab his camera for a couple of shots. Bret says he’s decided his young dog is a fool! Maybe Bret, but tic’s foolishness has landed you our big prize from Camp Chef for having…… the Snapshot of the week.

Remember send your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventure on-line The winner each week will win one of Camp Chef’s new innovative products. Either their new Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove.

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