Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 03/10/2012

[CG :2 LineRandy GrangeDon’t ever give up!]

On the last day of his 2011 archery elk hunt in Wyoming, Randy was back on the hill, working a herd he had located the previous day. A few cow calls, the bull responded and Randy was able to place a perfect shot at just 11 yards. Like most bow hunters Randy says he’s failed many times, but in his words, “it just goes to show that failure is a huge part of success when it comes to hunting.”

[CG :2 LineRussell StoddardCatch of the day]

Ten year old Sophia was down at her sisters softball tournament in St. George when she found a stick, some line, a sinker and borrowed a hook and marsh mellow from a fellow angler and proceeded to catch this great rainbow out of the Tawa pond. Sophia is usually catching lizards, frogs and turtles around the pond, this time her dad says, she caught the fish of the day.

[CG :2 LineJeff AmesMud in his blood]

This is Tanner Ames on last years waterfowl opener. His dad Jeff say Tanner absolutely loved it, even went out with his dad a few more times. Jeff says, his son has like Doug used to say….”A little mud in his blood.”

[CG :2 LineDarren MorganHangin’ Out]

Darren and his brother Lance were taking a break from chasing bugles on Darren’s limited entry Manti bull elk hunt last year when they spotted this bent over aspen. Lance decided to grab the tree making it appear he’s a little stronger than he actually is. No word if Darren connected on a bull, but not doubt these guys had a good time.

[CG :2 LineEvan AultLike the old times]

For years Evan’s grandpa has told of the huge deer he used to kill on his family homestead down in Old Mexico. Last winter they talked grandpa into going back for a hunt. Grandpa Howard missed his chance at a huge three by three, but Evan did not, here’s the crew posing with Evan’s giant four by four. They plan to head down this winter to give grandpa another shot.

[CG :2 LineLarry MuenchWINNER!]

But our winner tonight is a hike…. with the goats. Larry waited for a break in the weather to find about 30 goats in the cliffs above Willard. He says the goats are so spectacular in their full winter coats, just plain fun to watch. It amazed him how they can run, jump and play on these sheer cliffs. He says the hike was quite tough, but well worth it. We couldn’t agree more, larry as your hike just won you our Camp Chef, snapshot of the week.

Submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventure on-line at The winner each week will win one of Camp Chef’s new innovative products. Either their new Sherpa Camp Table or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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