Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 03/17/2012

[CG :2 LineKylee LaneMid-flight]

We kick it off with this great shot of Bob Lane in mid flight. Kylee says her dad and cousin finally found two feet of fresh powder near Mill Hollow to play in this year. Bob was able to catch some air and Kylee says the day couldn’t have been any better.

[CG :2 LineSteve AdamsUp for the challenge]

Steve and his daughter Angela were having the boyscouts over to complete their horsemanship belt loop and decided to make sure their horse Doc was up for the challenge of a bunch of boys. Angela climbed aboard and Steve says old Doc did just fine.

[CG :2 LineTaylor EdwardsDoubling up]

Taylor took his wife Erin on her first ever ice fishing trip back in March and not only did she hold her own, but she also hooked up on not one, but two separate perch doubles. Erin says her only regret is making her first trip on the ice so late, and now she has to wait until next year to get after it again.

[CG :2 LineDonnie FredricksonGift of life]

Donnie’s kidneys failed after battling Diabetes for 46 years, but last year his brother Clinton gave him a new lease on life with one of his own kidneys. Donnie now has plans of getting outdoors with his family and friends this year and he kicked it off with pheasant hunt. Donnie says it felt wonderful to be back out again and he’ll never be able to repay his brother for his most precious gift, his life.

[CG :2 LineWade AndersonHoundsman in the making]

6 year old Jaxon started the hunt at 3:30 in the morning with his dad on this years lion hunt. They found a big track, turned the dogs loose and ended up chasing this tom for over 4 hours. The dogs finally caught up to him in a hole where friend Tyler dispatched the big tom that ended up, seven and a half feet long and weighted 176 pounds.

[CG :2 LineMike JensenWINNER!]

But our winner tonight is passing on his love of the marsh. Earlier this fall Mike had the opportunity to introduce his son Colton to duck hunting. Colton handled the hunt like a champ, learned how to call and helped dad even bag a few birds. That night after the hunt, Mike found Colten asleep with his pajamas on, a camo hat, and his duck call in his hand. Dad new he’d found a hunting partner for life. Congrats guys on the hunt and now our great prize for having the Camp Chef Snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your outdoor adventures on-line at The winner each week will win one of Camp Chef’s new innovative products. Either their new Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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