Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 03/24/2012

[CG :2 LineClint FredricksonFirst Snow]

This weeks snapshots have gone to the birds. Clint and his 14 year old son had quite the snow goose hunt this year. They were sharing a pit blind with Rob Friedel of Fried Feathers Outfitters, when Matt was able to seal the deal on his very first snow goose.

[CG :2 LineCraig LeeNearly a 4 man limit!]

Craig Lee, Chase Skinner and two other buddies were able to down, count them 39 snow geese, just shy of a four man limit in just over two hours hunting near Corrine this March. Craig says one of the birds was even banded off the shores of alaska and one of the ross goose they shot, was old! Check out all of the warts on his bill.

[CG :2 LineBrandy BurtonOut gunning grandpa]

This is the first time Todd was able to pack his own shotgun. He and his grandpa crawled across an entire field to get within range of a flock of snow geese, both downed the their first goose at the same time. Todd was so excited to get his first bird ever, he even ended up out gunning grandpa 2 to 1.

[CG :2 LineKorey MarshStruttin’ tom]

While out searching for sheds, Korey and his father in law came across this flock of turkeys. They hung around long enough for them to grab the camera and snap a few pictures. The tom even started strutting for the camera. Korey says even though they didn’t find any sheds that day, they did come home with some great pictures.

[CG :2 LineEric LeybaWINNER!]

And finally our winner tonight is a pointer in full action. On the last day of the pheasant hunt Eric’s 6 month old pointer Jager finally had his first true lock. As the hen flushed, Jager attempted to catch the bird in mid flight only to get a mouthful of feathers. Eric loves to chase upland game and it looks like his dog does too. A great shot Eric, a great dog and here’s something to remember that first flush, our big prize for having the Camp Chef, snapshot of the week.

Remember, submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures on-line at KSLTV.COM The winner each week will win one of Camp Chef’s new innovative products. Either their Sherpa Camp Table or the 34 hundred BTU Ranger Stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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