Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week: 1/18/2014

We start with an amazing story of an awesome general archery season bull elk Roger took earlier this year. Roger and his buddy Phillip had spotted the bull while doing some pre-season scouting. Opening day they found the bull a half mile from where he’d been hanging out and put a great stalk and shot, twice to get the bull down.

Roger said he couldn’t have taken this bull without the selfless help of his lifelong friend Phillip.

Triston is one lucky kid. He got a call from the DWR telling him that he’d drawn a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep depredation hunt, down by Moab. He says they had an amazing hunt with biologists from the DWR and tagged this great ram.

This is Oliver Parker with his first buck. As he was posing with his deer, he told his dad that the only thing that would have made his hunt better was to have his grandpa Jim with them on the hunt. Grandpa Jim passed away in 2009, and ever since then Tim has been packing his dad’s ashes along on his hunts. With tears in his eyes Tim pulled out his dads ashes and told Oliver that Grandpa Jim was with them and handed him his dad’s ashes for a picture with his buck.

Jonathan Burr drew a Northern Utah CWMU tag this year and went out for a five day hunting trip. His wife Alyssa was pretty surprised when just six hours later she got this picture of him and his dad. Alyssa says, she couldn’t be happier for her husband, he got to share it with his dad and a few good friends. Just what Jonathan says hunting is all about.

While on their boat at Flaming Gorge, Nicole spotted this big ram on the shore. The sheep decided to walk along the shore as they were trolling in the boat and seemed to be following them. Nicole says he was amazing! Eventually he stopped and looked at them as they kept going as if to say, don’t leave me!

But our winner tonight punched his tag with this awesome ram on the opening morning of his once in a lifetime sheep hunt. Brett Campbell drew his tag after 9 years. He had a ton of family on his hunt, 14 in all, but it was his six nieces and nephews who wanted in on the fun and have their picture taken, with his ram. Some crazy kids, that made not only a fun picture Brett, but they also helped you bag our big prize for having our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins the lightweight and portable Camp Chef Weekender-two burner stove. Plenty of power, great for camping from our friends over at Camp Chef.

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