Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week – 3/23/2013

[CG :2 LineJordan GobleNo Joke Bison Tag]
We kick it off with a last minute hunt for Jordan. Who back in November, got a call from the DWR about a Henry Mountain bison tag. At first he thought someone was playing a joke, but soon realized the call was for real. With a little little luck and a lot of help from his family Jordan was able to connect on this fine trophy, using his wife’s 7MM. Jordan says his wife wasn’t able to go on the hunt, so the least he could do was use her gun.

[CG :2 LineShane TuellerFirst buck and it’s a dandy!]
Shane sent us this next shot of his son Hunter’s first ever deer, this great four by four. Hunter pushed through over 18 inches of fresh snow and made a perfect 150 yard shot with his brand new 270 and claimed this great buck. Not too bad for a twelve year old.

[CG :2 LineRobert KenworthyPucker Up!]
Robert and his brothers had quite the ice fishing trip a few weeks back. The boys were fishing a secret lake in Northeastern Utah and the fishing was so good, this tiger trout even puckered up for a kiss before Robert sent her back to the depths to fight another day…

[CG :2 LineMcKrae Spencer ]
McKrae and his ol’ man made a quick run to their honey hole down in Southern Utah on a sunny, but chilly afternoon for a duck hunt. They arrived and McKrae pulled out his ipod and sang a song for good luck, and it worked. Soon they had ducks bombing in from every direction. Mckrae and dad both shot limits in less than two hours. An epic day in the field father and son will never forget.

[CG :2 LineRoger BakerWINNER!]
And finally our winner tonight is a first for the Baker’s. Roger and his wife Kristie needed a couple of days of R and R and found it with Lee’s Ferry Anglers on the Colorado River. Rogers says he’s watched a few of our episodes on Lee’s Ferry and decided to give it a try. They saw canyon walls over a thousand feet tall, caught hard fighting rainbows in the crystal clear water and topped off the trip by spotting this herd of sheep just off the rivers edge. Roger says, the company, the fishing and the scenery was far better then they could have ever imagined. Well Roger, to help you remember your get-a-way with your wife, we’re sending you our big prize for having…the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef two burner Explorer stove. Portability and Power from our friends at Camp Chef.

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