Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week: 3/29/14

We kick it off with nine year old Elena’s first fish, this huge bow she caught at the berry just before the ice came on. Dad says, “Maybe next time Elana will be brave enough to hold her fish without a stick! Ice off at the berry is expected in two to three weeks. We’ll keep you updated on ice off at Strawbeery on our KSL Outdoors facebook page.

Kelsey Royce, was was no doubt one of the youngest hunters out on last years general rifle deer hunt. Kelsey turned 12 the day after the opener, and waited until the second weekend to bag this dandy three by four. Her dad couldn’t be more proud as she made a single, clean 115 yard shot.

Each year for the last five years Craig kicks off spring with a trip to Otter Creek. This year he hit ice off just perfect and found some success on his float tube. This 24 inch rainbow is his personal best from Otter Creek, a great way to start off his spring season.

Troy, went out looking for wild turkeys this winter in northern Utah to try and take a few snapshots of the big birds in flight. He says it was an adventure that took him over a week to accomplish and as you can see, he finally did it with these two great shots! The general season turkey hunt is just over a month away. You can get a tag on the dwr’s webpage at Great shots Troy!

But our winner finally checked off a Utah destination that has been on their bucket list for years. Stephanie and her husband took their two kids Hailey and Tommy for a camping trip to the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. They had a great time hiking, walking over muscleman arch and camping in their tent. In the morning they awoke to notice smoke rising from a vacant campsite and the kids sprung into action shoveling and stomping dirt into the flames to put the fire out. The local rangers were so happy with their initiative they they honored them with a Canyonlands Junior Ranger badge for their service. A great lesson and just down right good kids, who not only saved one of our National Parks from a wild fire, but also just won…our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins the lightweight and portable Camp Chef Weekender-two burner stove. Plenty of power, great for camping from our friends over at Camp Chef.

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