Camp Chef Snapshot of the Week: 5/10/2014

With the turkey hunts in full swing we thought we’d kick it off with Beau’s first turkey hunt. He and his dad set up their blind, put their hen decoy out and Beau blasted not only his first turkey the first one in his entire family. Beau that is a giant of a bird!

The Morrison family drew three turkey tags for the southern region this year, it’s has turned into an annual tradition for them. This year on the opening morning, they were able to call and harvest these two awesome toms. Grandfather, father and sons were all part of the hunt. Two days later Corey and his boys finished off the third. A great Morrison family tradition that will continue for years to come.

Check out these two great bucks Andrew and his son Drew killed on last years muzzleloader hunt off of the Zion Unit. Jerrie says her boys spent a ton of time and effort to get the deer. Not to be outdone, Jerrie poses for some family photo’s with young Sierra. This family loves to hunt and anything outdoors.

This is a great story. Gil Pederson has hunted elk all of his life and at 80 years old he finally got the bull of his dreams. This past fall he finally drew a muzzleloader tag and with his son and nephew along, he bagged this six by six beauty. Other hunters in the area heard of his success and jumped in with their horses and packs to get the bull back to the truck. Gil’s son says the excitement on Gils face after the shot is something they’ll never forget.

But our winner tonight is almost halfway through his “quest for 35.” About two years ago, Brad Ross challenged his 9 year old son Sam to catch all 35 species of game fish in Utah, and they’re calling it “Sam’s Quest for 35.” So far Sam has caught 16 species and Brad tells us that they get out almost every week. Sam absolutely loves to fish with his dad, especially when it means skipping school. Well Sam, no doubt you’re learning some great lessons with your dad on the water and when you complete your quest. You’ll have our big prize to show for it, as you just hauled in our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins the lightweight and portable Camp Chef Weekender-two burner stove. Plenty of power, great for camping from our friends over at Camp Chef.

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